Kind words from clients


From the moment I met Samantha I had a sense that she would be the perfect person to support me through the birth of my daughter. I was right! Her personal experience with childbirth, doula training, knowledge of the hospital system, savvy personality and sense of humor proved to be invaluable when the time came. Not only did she come straight from one labor to mine on little sleep (without showing any signs of fatigue!), she instinctively knew how to help me mentally and physically survive an induction without an epidural. She offered breathing techniques, wise words, supportive touch, honey sticks and ice chips! Sam was an excellent resource when I needed time out to discuss medical interventions that took place during my 14-hour labor. Additionally she helped my mom, who was also present, feel comfortable and involved. I have no doubt that without Sam I would’ve had a very different experience as at times it was extremely tough, but my own strength was bolstered because of her support. As my mom said, Sam has a calling to be a birth companion. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Even my obstetrician commented on how impressed he was with my doula!

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"Sam provided invaluable support to us before, during and after labor. Her knowledge, focus and calm attitude were paramount in getting me through a completely natural labor. As hard as it was at times, we tried all of the positions and methods during labor that I planned on, and she helped my husband to help me in the best way possible. It was really special to have someone there who didn't step on toes and was able to preserve the close bond between a husband and wife while helping me so much. I definitely attribute my ability to have a successful, natural labor to her presence and support!"


"Thank you Samantha for all your help and support! Your warmth and sense of humor kept me sane throughout the long hours of first stage labor. And when the going got tough, you really helped me focus. I am so happy you were there with us to share in the joy of our son's birth."

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"Sam definitely brought the no nonsense strength I wanted but she also supported me with a lot of tenderness - holding my hand (tightly!) She understood my needs often without having to ask questions - when I was in control she took a back seat and when I was struggling she kindly but firmly brought me back to the breathing technique that was the key to my very quick labor. I really appreciated her easy sensitivity to my changing needs and her intuition on when to take control was exactly right.  I definitely felt myself relax when she told me the baby was coming and I was doing well - I trusted her.  She worked brilliantly with my husband, supporting and including him, giving him just as much confidence as me.  (full disclosure - my husband wrote that last sentence.) :-) She was also a wonderful part of debriefing and celebrating the birth after the fact, which helped me process and understand the whole event. This was something I didn't have after my first birth and I consequently spent a bit of time "shell shocked" after #1. Sam was generous with her time and I am pleased to recommend her."



"The birth of our first child was an epic event, so heading into our 2nd birth, I was fairly confident that I could handle what ever happened. Confident to point where I was thinking about getting a T-shirt made that said “I’m the fucking Doula”, just so everyone would know. My wife wanted a real Doula and she really wanted Sam. I got on really well with her and she talked to me like I was an intelligent and integral part of the process (which is often not the case with the way Dad’s are treated). As it turns out the birth of our son James was just as intense and crazy as our first but in completely different ways that I wasn’t prepared for and I am so glad Sam was there with us. I can highly recommend Sam to any family, I felt she judged every stage of the birth perfectly with her level of involvement, when to step in and get hands on and when to just be there with us and let us find our rhythm. And she’s really funny, which is an important element in my book. I’m still thinking about getting the T-shirt made, but it will read 'Sam’s the fucking Doula'."



"This was my first time being pregnant and with no idea of what to expect, I decided to give birth at a birthing center as I wished to deliver with a midwife. After realizing that the birthing center did not offer an epidural and favored a more natural approach I began to look into the idea of having an additional support in the form of a doula. Friends of mine who said they had a doula help them deliver spoke positively of the experience and so I managed to convince my husband to meet with some candidates as he was not keen on the idea of having an extra person with us during this intimate moment. Sam came recommended and from the beginning was a pleasure to deal with. She is an easy communicator and quickly made us feel comfortable and at ease, within her first introduction husband was already on board. The following two prenatal visits were great for further developing a comfort level between three of us as we got to know one another better and also discuss our birthing plan and thoughts in general about the labor. More specifically Sam worked on pain management techniques, we went over concepts such as hypno-birthing, massage, visualizations etc. However Sam also reminded us to be flexible as you never know what will work when the time comes. As in our case we made a whole play list which played twice and I don't even remember hearing any music, I actually found it most helpful to simply focus visually on one spot through each contraction and that was thanks to Sam’s advice. Sam has a lovely character which comes across naturally and easily, she helped us to stay relaxed through the labor and during the more intense moments she was like a rock for me which kept me from panicking. She came to our house when we felt was the right moment and really helped guide us through the next few hours and looking back I can’t imagine it would have felt as manageable without her.  It was her knowledge and experience of the birthing process which carried us through and I feel I had a really good labor and have no regrets. Additionally Sam helped our baby to latch on me swiftly after the birth so got us both started with breastfeeding and a few days later when I was struggling she came during the postnatal visit and taught me side lying technique and other corrections so now I am no longer having pain while breastfeeding. In short it has been wonderful to have had Sam with us through this journey and I cannot recommend her enough.”


“Whatever experience you have each birth is intense and unique, you never know what can happen during the process. I had a child 8 years ago in a previous relationship in a different country where doula's didn't exist and I had the feeling it was not necessary but the fact of matter is my wife wanted to have one and in this moment her wishes are the most important. My fear with having a doula was to feel pushed away and loosing the bonds that birth creates between couple but I have to admit Sam enhanced them and she has been the most helpful person during the whole process which is not only the delivery. The labor is long and required physical and mental stamina, Sam helped me to keep it up.  She reminded me what is important and what Pia needs. She brought her experience and her expertise regarding the delivery and after, breast feeding, baby care etc... which has reassured Pia and I and it makes the experience more enjoyable. Today I feel lucky having met her and I’m so thankful for her amazing work”



"I was initially skeptical of the idea of having a doula present at my first child’s birth. One, I thought it was an unnecessary expense.  And two, I didn’t like the idea of having a stranger involved during such an emotional event.  However, after meeting Sam and better understanding the support she would provide helped change my mind.  More importantly, I saw and experienced first-hand the value a knowledgeable and experienced doula can provide during the labor process. For husbands who are unsure about hiring a doula, I would highly recommend it. Sam provided the support both my wife and I needed during the process, and she was a second set of eyes watching out for us and making sure we got the proper care and attention of the hospital staff.  If I had to do it all over again, I would. I am glad to have had Sam at our side at all times."