Samantha with her daughter. Greenpoint, Brooklyn



I've always been an advocate for women and their birth choices, but these feelings were only amplified after the inspiring support I felt from my own labor team during the birth of my first daughter. This feeling of gratitude led me to train with DONA International for my doula work, allowing me to offer labor and postpartum support to mothers and their families throughout NYC.

As a part of your labor team, I provide a calm and constant reassuring presence. I draw upon the practices of meditation, visualization, comforting touch and rebozo to aid mothers in finding their own rhythm and ritual. Using these skills, I aim to assist you to trust in your own body and to feel in control of this birth experience.  Women wield great strength and carry deep within them the intuitive knowledge they need to birth their baby!

Having given birth to two beautiful girls, I fully understand how bringing a child into this world is a profound and life changing event for everyone involved. I truly believe all mothers when honored, supported and nurtured during this transitional moment instinctively flow through birth and into motherhood feeling powerful and self- assured.

Samantha Knopf
DONA-trained Birth/Postpartum Doula
(917) 386-5526